Hardest job in the world?

Airlifting Day 1; Kinder

I’ve just started my new job with Moors For The Future Partnership  as an Airlifting Assistant. I get flown up to the moors (cool) and help co-ordinate the drops (cool) –  which are bags full of conservation material, things like heather brash, seeds, stone etc. Then I get lifted down again (even more cool).

Can you tell I think this job is pretty cool?

Anyway. My question to you is this: What do you reckon the hardest part of the job is?

1) Learning all the safety procedures for entering and exiting the helicopter.

2) Using hand signals to communicate with the pilot.

3) Counting all of the bags that get dropped that day with one of those clicky things.

4) Taking a picture of a moving helicopter with a load for this blog.

5) Avoiding 6 heavy bags attached to the helicopter which are swinging your way.

6) Dragging your feet through Peat all day.

OK, so you can tell from the picture that number 4 is quite hard, but it’s not strictly speaking part of the job, so that’s a bit of a trick question.

Would you believe it, the hardest part of the job is remembering to click the clicky thing every time the helicopter is arriving. When you are concentrating on numbers 2, 5 & 6, number 3 seems to go out the window. I ended up missing 2 drops which put my count 12 bags out!

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get better. I cant wait to get out again. As soon as the helicopter took off for the first time I knew that I was hooked (figuratively). There’s nothing quite like it to be honest. Seeing the Peaks from above, spending a whole day up there until the sun is beginning to set, then getting another exhilarating trip back down.

What a wonderful way to spend a day.

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3 Responses to Hardest job in the world?

  1. kelitomlin says:

    I was going to say 3! And then I thought you might have been too distracted by the view and kept risking being hit by swinging bags :oS

    So glad you’re enjoying! Sounds exhilarating x x

  2. I would probably find 5 and 6 the hardest, get knocked down by a bag and then stuck in peat! Sounds just like your cup of tea though!

  3. Denzil says:

    As a fellow new starter, and having walked the moors for 50 years for fun and 25 years with a mountain rescue team as a volunteer, I now get paid for doing it 😉

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