January Small Stones #3

I’m sorry, but I’ve only a few small stones on offer for the last couple of weeks as I’ve had a fairly busy and stressful time, which is never conducive to being creative. That said, I’ve really enjoyed the process of doing these small stones, so might keep it going as much as I can into the rest of the year.


                                       If          you
                           deviate          from
                               the           path
                                you           may
                                      get           lost.
                                            If           you
                                         were        never
                                            on         the
                                       path,        you
                                        are         just                                                                                          lost. 


Green hills, a cacophony
of Giantesses.


Lunch below reigning shot
Escapees unafraid of me,
too gutless for a brace. 


I am a grey arrow forging glacially through green hummocks. 

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One Response to January Small Stones #3

  1. kelitomlin says:

    Some truly vivid and evocative images from the great outdoors. 🙂 Thank you for sharing x

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