The vagaries of the weather.

Today I was struck by how incredible the changes of the season are. I’ve always been moved by these times, I am a spring and autumn person more than a summer or winter person. I find the inexplicable changes of times like this exciting, baffling and wonderful.

Working outside, you’d be fair to assume that I don’t get overly excited by the weather. The work needs to get done if its wet, windy, sunny or snowing. That said, the last week has been a bit of an eye opener.

Last Tuesday this was the scene as me and a few others took 3 hours to get from Edale to Close Moss! We ended up having to dig our way over Winnat’s Pass when even our Landi couldn’t quite make it.

 Created with Nokia Smart Cam

But yesterday I got to have lunch next to a fire with the sun warming my face (yes that’s right, in February!) With this view to ponder over my sandwiches.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

And then we got drenched.

But soon after the sun came out and even though this picture doesn’t pick up on it I swear that there was a rainbow touching the ground just the other side of the hedge. No pot of gold though I’m afraid.


Anyway, sorry if all this talk of the weather is very British, but it really has been a crazy week for it.

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