Spring Snow

I wanted to share a poem I wrote for the Spring Equinox last year and shared then at Walk The Wheel.  I was going to say something apt about how different it is this year, how our winter hasn’t been so harsh and how everything seems to be kicking into life that little bit earlier, but then I got snowed on yesterday, so I guess things aren’t as different as I thought.

Ice sheet, a remnant,
broken by water lapping.
With each wave
of light.
A fiery disk low above.
An unwalkable moon, a vista returning.

There is a thirst.
Everything is dead, has died.

Suffered through a long, cruel winter. 

If it is possible, the world has died again since the snow.
There is illness, branches brittle as if they weren’t even there. 

Though, the sap is rising.
Ducks are pairing off, sounding their calls every morning.
The earliest of the early Lambs have arrived.

The additional, cruel bout of death.
It fooled us.
It hit us in the face when it the in the towel.

As winter turns it’s back on us,
and stalks away,
life is returning.
Wave by wave. 

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