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The Great Moorland Conflict.

A week or two ago I took my Explorer Scouts on a walk up Win Hill and Lose Hill. A great walk if you fancy it, taking in Mam Tor as well. The hills get their name from a battle which … Continue reading

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The vagaries of the weather.

Today I was struck by how incredible the changes of the season are. I’ve always been moved by these times, I am a spring and autumn person more than a summer or winter person. I find the inexplicable changes of … Continue reading

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January Small Stones #4

Here’s the last couple of Small Stones for January: 29/1/14 Comforting deep blue eyes to sink into. Shielding from efficient logic and clear indifference.  30/1/14 Dread is delivered to me in white parcels of joy. 

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How to build a Bug Hotel.

I recently organised a project for TCV building a Bug Hotel in some Spruce and Birch woodland we are thinning near Slippery Stones. Bug Hotels are a great way to use natural resources to increase the biodiversity in an area, and don’t … Continue reading

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Don’t piss in the wind.

I’m out with TCV  finishing off a gate we’ve been putting in around Derwent Res. It’s the day of one of the biggest storms in… or since records began or something like that. Which basically means it’s frikin windy. So … Continue reading

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